About us

Hymn and March

Alma Mater Song
Onward Visayan Maritime Academy;
Onward to the call of fame and victory;
You are the bright star that guides our way
A shining VMA
I have walked alone in your walls and pathways;
I've sat down beneath your greeny-greeny trees
I've marched across your fields and byways;
I have loved you VMA.
Alma Mater VMA;
There you're in grace with God Almig

Vision Mission Action Statement

Logo and Seal

The seal embodies the values and philosophy of VMA Global College & Training Centers, Inc. . It is circular in shape which symbolizes the college stability and continuity anchored on its history and tradition, meeting the demands of the present and gearing for the challenges of the future. The circle further represents wholeness of spirit and character.

A. White


Visayan Maritime Academy was reopened, in response to the petition of youth and parents in the community, through the help of Asian Mari- Development Corporation(AMTDC), headed by Atty. Juan Nuega Orola Jr. The (AMTDC) group leased Academy with the approval of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) in June 1987.

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