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DepEd to re-open application for Senior HS Voucher Program

The Department of Education through the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) will be re-opening the application for the Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program next week. 
The SHS Voucher Program is intended for completers of Grade 10 who would like to pursue SHS...

Voucher program

What is the SHS Voucher Program?

  • The Voucher Program is intended for Grade 10 (Junior High School) completers who wish to pursue Senior High School (SHS) education in non-DepEd Schools such as Private High Schools, Colleges, and Universities; Local Universities and Colleges (LUC); State Universities and Colleges (SUCs); and Technical and Vocational Schools, starting SY 2016-2017.
  • Through the Voucher Program, students and their families are able to exercise greater choice in deciding the Senior High School program that is most relevant to their needs and career goals.
  • The voucher enables students to claim a “discount” or a deduction from the cost of tuition and other fees charged by a non-DepEd SHS where he or she will enroll. The voucher subsidy is not given to students directly in the form of cash but will be disbursed by DepEd to the non-DepEd SHS where he or she enrolls.

Who are the recipients of the SHS Voucher Program?

  • Public Grade 10 completers and Grade 10 completers who are Education Service Contracting (ESC) grantees in private JHS are automatically qualified voucher recipients and need not apply for an SHS Voucher.
  • Automatically qualified voucher recipients:
    1. Public JHS students – will receive 100% of the voucher amount
    2. ESC JHS students – will receive 80% of the voucher amount
    • Note: These students have been pre-identified through the Learner Information System (LIS), which is linked to the SHS Voucher Management System. Therefore, these students need not present a voucher certificate when they enroll in a non-DepEd SHS. Instead, their names will be automatically recognized by the SHS Voucher Management System as voucher recipients. The SHS Voucher Management System is an online system accessed only by DepEd and non-DepEd SHS to facilitate enrollment, billing and submission of reports pertaining to the Voucher Program.
  • May apply, however, applications are subject to review and approval:
    1. Grade 10 completers who are not ESC grantees from private JHS
    2. *Proceed to for online application. The deadline for online application and submission of documents is on 15 February 2016.
    • **If qualified, students will receive 80% of the voucher amount.
      • ***Students will be notified of their eligibility prior to completing Grade 10. They need to present their Qualified Voucher Recipient (QVR) certificate when they enroll in the non-DepEd SHS of their choice.
  • Note: Regardless of whether he or she is a public or private Grade 10 completer, a qualified voucher recipient that enrolls in an LUC/SUC for SHS will receive 50% of the voucher amount.

How much is the value of the voucher?
The actual amount of the vouchers will depend on the location of the SHS where the student will enroll.

  • Voucher recipients from public/DepEd JHS who will enroll in a non-DepEd SHS located in the National Capital Region (NCR) will receive a full voucher amount of PhP 22,500. Voucher recipients from private JHS will receive 80% or PhP 18,000 while those enrolling in SUCs/LUCs, regardless if they completed JHS in a public


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