Mercerose E. Rafil Rose Ann A. Villarias Dr. Ramonito E. Geraldes
Friday, February 8, 2019 - 16:15


This study aims to determine the VMA Faculty Performance vis-a-vis Student Academic Performance. Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: What is the level of performance of VMA Faculty of VMA Global College as rated by the students; Program Heads and Program Deans; What is the level of performance of VMA Students as a whole; What is the effective teaching strategies used by the VMA faculty in terms of: Discussion/Lecture, Reporting, Case Analysis; Field Exposure; Practical Exam and Role Play and Is there a significant relationship between the level performance of Faculty of VMA Global College and Academic Performance of the Students?
Students give the highest mean ratings of (m=4.49) in faculty’s personality, while general observation with mean score of (m=4.44) by the Program Heads and excellent in faculty character/personality with the mean ratings of (m=4.32) as rated by the Program Deans.
BSHRM and BSBA students were highest in Grade Point Average and as will as the Faculty of the said programs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Program Deans should come-up with the Faculty Development Program on Teachers personality. Dean of Maritime Studies should come –up with the program to improve the Grade Point Average of the respective Maritime Cadets; The Program Dean should continue the semestral evaluation of the faculty to enhance their skills, knowledge and attitude and encourage the faculty to use varied teaching styles specifically in Case Analysis.

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