Impact Studies on the implementation of CES Program


Comeeros, Shirly G. and Geocadin, Maylen S.
Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 10:00


Pursuant to the RA 7722, an act creating the Commission on Higher Education, states that the knowledge society or knowledge economy characterized the university not just a generator of knowledge, an educator of young minds and a transmitter of culture but also as a major agent of economic growth. Extension program of Higher Education institutions provide the space to discover practical evidence and science-based answers that can address real world social, economic and environmental challenges of partner citizens and communities.(CMO No. 52, S. 2016) Moreover, VMA Global College and Training Centers, Inc. as one of the HEI’s, seeks proponents’ and beneficiaries’ feedback using the survey questionnaire every end of the term. This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of the implementation of CES program specifically on the Coastal Resource Management. The main purpose of this study is twofold, firstly is to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of CES program to the proponents and beneficiaries and secondly, the feed-backing of the results to the Barangay Council of Brgy. Punta Taytay.Specifically it sought to answers the Impact of the Coastal clean-up to the proponents and beneficiaries; and the impact of the mangrove afforestation to the beneficiaries. This study was done using the survey questionnaires The respondents consists of 210 Maritime cadets composed of 104 from BSMT 3 and 106 from BSMAR-E 3 as the Proponents and 41 households of Prk. Seawall Barangay Punta Taytay, Bacolod City. For impact of coastal clean-up in terms of the knowledge gained. Respondents gave the over-all mean ratings to the implementation of CES program of (m=4.58) interpreted as Strongly Agree; the impact of the coastal clean-up in terms of skills gained. Both beneficiaries and proponents believed that the coastal clean-up improved their skills with the over-all mean ratings of (m=4.48) interpreted as Strongly Agree and the impact of the coastal clean-up in terms of attitudes/behaviors gained. Proponents believed that the impact of coastal clean-up improved their attitude/behavior with the over-all mean ratings of (m=4.70). reveals Mangrove Afforestation impact to the environmental status (Socio-Economic/Eco-Tourism Benefits). Beneficiaries perceived that the Mangrove Afforestation was a Tourist Attraction and Destination with the highest mean of (m=4.15).Lastly, impact of mangrove afforestation to environmental/ecological benefits. Beneficiaries believes that mangrove afforestation has very great extent to the environmental/ecological benefits with the over-all mean ratings of (m=4.50).


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