Correlation between Laboratory and Internship Performance of the BSHRM Students


Mercerose E. Rafi; Rosela A. Baylon and Era B. Derwill
Monday, December 9, 2019 - 14:45


This study aims to determine the relationship between the laboratory performance specifically in the areas of housekeeping; food and beverage and culinary arts and the internship performance as rated by participating establishment during the three Academic Year 2016 to 2019. The descriptive-correlative was employed in the study. Likewise, there were 148 respondents using 98% confidence level.

The researchers used the secondary data taken from the Dean of BHRM office. The result of the laboratory performance in the area of housekeeping reveals that BSHRM students were very good with the average of 90.06 which implies that the students have exemplified very good performance during their laboratory in the area of housekeeping. Moreover, food and beverage services with the over-all average of 87.01 which means BHRM students demonstrated competence in the laboratory performance in the area of food and beverage. In the area of culinary arts, BSHRM students had an over-all average of 84.89.

The internship performance of the BSHRM students as evaluated by the participating establishment shows that students performed well with the over-all grade average of 96.55. Furthermore, data shows that there is significant relationship between the laboratory and internship performance of the BSHRM students with the p-value of 0.94. It implies that students who performed during their laboratory activities performed well during their internship performance.

Thus, the researchers recommended that the faculty handling culinary subjects should use variety of teaching approaches and methodologies to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in culinary subjects; Dean of BSHRM together with the practicum coordinators should come-up the program to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of the students before endorsing to participating establishment and should come-up with the faculty development program or immersion program of the faculty from different establishment and or shipping companies.

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