Welcome to the VMA Global College Alumni Association Inc.

A Historical Background
The association started as just an informal gathering of graduates who wished to revive fond memories of their academy years and share new events in each other’s lives. They called their association “VMA Alumni Association
On the first-recorded reunion held at the SPECTRUM REVIEW CENTER, it was suggested that the association be formalized -  draft rules, regulations, constitutions and By-laws, and eventually register in the Security and Exchange Commission and Engr. Edmundo Arias was then appointed as the Alumni Adviser.
The purpose of the association was three-folds:

  1. To be of service to Visayan Maritime Academy
  2. To collaborate with the government and NGO’s in programs, projects and activities that will promote, develop and maintain the physical, social and cultural well-being of the VMAers and
  3. To promote creative ways of education and initiative, undertake priority programs for the wholistic development of the youth, and underprivileged families. 

Several meetings followed and the minutes of the meeting dated 1999 shows that the constitution and by-laws was unanimously approved; thus, the “Visayan Maritime Academy Alumni Foundation, Incorporated.” was born
Engr. Edmundo Arias, Capt. Avenger I. Azucena, and Capt. Emeterio Galvez, assisted 2/M Vitaliano C. Carmelo, Jr., 2/M Gilbert V. Juesna, 2/M Renato L. Vargas, 2/M Joel J. Esique and the rest of the members, in meeting all the requirements for SEC Registration. Dr. Carlitos N. Orola helped the association in opening an account at Prime Bank-Bacolod.
Members of the 1999 Alumni  elected Capt. Emeterio Galvez as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 2/M Gilbert V. Juesna-President, 4/E Arturo Dinglasan-Secretary, 3/M Renato Vargas-Treasurer, 3/M Antonio Maquiran-Auditor.
In their term, the First Alumni Homecoming was held at Orophil Shipping Company, Manila and VMA Alumni ID was issued for the members to avail discount in their trainings at the VMA Training Center when presented.
The regular meeting was then held every first Saturday of April.
On May 15, 2007, A General assembly was held at B6, now POBAR Room, VMA Campus, where new set of officers was elected with Capt. Leonito M. Mirande unanimously elected President; Capt. Rene J. Gomez, Vice President for Deck Department; C/E Patrocinio Baron, Vice President for Engine Department; Mr. Heries V. Trance, Vice President for Non-Maritime; 2/M Juviner M. Rodriguez, Vice President for Finance; 2/M Joel J. Esique, Vice President for Secretariat; Ms. Stella A. Recaido, Secretary, 2/M Renato L. Vargas, Treasurer, Engr. Genesis Joy B. Sanchez, Auditor; 2/M Narciso M. Destacamento, Public Information Officer; 2/M Vitaliano C. Carmelo, Jr., Business Manager. Board of Directors were Capt. Raymond Tejada; Capt. Jose Ramon L. Diamante, Capt. Emmanual H. Ubaldo; Capt. Gerald I. Flora, Capt. Alfredo Ledesma; Capt. Alvin G. Aguillon and Dr. Maribeth Ramos-Pillo.

(1) Spearheading the 20% Alumni Relatives Discount for the incoming first year during

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