Ramonito E. Geraldez, Stella A. Recaido


VMA Global College

Date Published: 

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 14:15

Colleges and Universities turn to marketing services for the realization of their goals. This is done by enhancing the school's website to include interactive features such as blogs, social networking, virtual advisors, student web portals and group chat options. To meet the demands, companies invest to so much time, effort and money for massive awareness of their products and services. VMA Global College, as one of the competitive maritime institution, is not exempted. The respondents of this study were the 294 freshmen students who were taken from all courses by means of Stratified Random Sampling. The researches made use of frequency distribution and percentage, mean and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient in analyzing the data gathered. Findings show that majority of the freshmen students were male (69.70%) aging 16 - 18 years old (71.43%), taking up Maritime course (84.35%), graduated from public high school  (73.81%) and most of them came from Central Negros Occidental (41.84%).

Career orientation does not greatly affect the outlook of students in choosing VMA Global College as their school of choice (m=3.14) while job opportunity (m=4.06) and college facilities (m=4.05) greatly affect the freshmen's outlook in choosing the institution. Moreover, faculty and the instruction used in an institution have a very great effect on the perspective of freshmen students in choosing VMA Global College as their school of choice (m=4.36). Perspective of freshmen students is significantly related to their course, age and their high school of origin. On the other hand, there is no significant relationship between perspective of freshmen students and their gender, and demographic of origin. It was recommended that graduating high school students, and add something with an edge.

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