Factors that Contribute to Alcoholism and its Relation to the Academic Performance of Deck and Engine III Cadets


Christine P. Salvador, Marites D. Manganti


VMA Global College

Date Published: 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 16:00

Alcoholism is a widespread problem characterized by craving, loss of control and physical independence. In the maritime sector, ship owners and seafarer's union identify alcoholism as a social problem that must be faced squarely with understanding and positive action. This study was conducted among the 144 graduating maritime cadets of VMA using the survey questionnaire. Most of the respondents were 19-21 years old (68.77%) with parent's income ranging P5,000 - P10,000 per month drink alcoholic beverages twice a week (34.03%) and have a GPA of 82. Results show that cadet's habitual drinking is influenced by family (m=3.12); peer pressure (m=2.85); curiosity (m=2.65), and respondent's environment (m=2.95) to a moderate extent. There is a significant relationship between alcoholism and academic performance of the cadets, which indicates that alcohol intake has negative effects of the grades of the respondents. The researchers recommended that the College and Law enforcement authorities must restrict boarding houses and liquor establishments from selling or allowing cadets to drink alcoholic beverages; strengthen the coordination of the guidance counselors, parents and faculty in monitoring the individual progress of cadets, who are reported to have regular alcoholic intake, and to provide more activities to discourage cadets from leaving the campus during free time.

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