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the Congress Magazine, Makati Graduate School, Berhad Lending Investments, Frango Cultural Properties Exploration Systems. Another award was also given to Engr. Tomas N. Orola, President, OROPHIL Shipping International, as outstanding Seafarer for the year 2000 during the 5th National Seafarers Day.

     The year 2001 marked another momentous part of the Academy’s history since the pioneer batch of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Major in Travel and Convention Management graduated.

    After four years, student’s acquired proper knowledge and training to organize and manage various tours and convention activities.

     In October 2003, VMA was selected as Pilot School by the Philippine-Australia Quality Technical Vocational Education and Training(PAQTVET), a grants that extends Training for Trainers and Assessors, and VMA in order to become its Training School or Assessment Center.

     In 2004, Bachelor in Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management(BSHRM) and Bachelor of Science in tourism(BST) were accredited by SSM Maritime Services, Inc., the program for International Practicum in Singapore.

In 2005, VMA was selected as one of the 15 preferred Maritime Schools by the Philippine Seafarers Promotion Council (PSPC) form survey financed by the Phil-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC). On the same year, PAQTVET accredited VMA as the training provider.

      VMA introduced its initial batches in the Global Call Center Education Program, Information Technology Education (such as BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Management but later was phased out) and BS Commerce.

      In September 2005, VMA hosted the Regional Search for Outstanding Cadets. Mdmn. Gioven M. Caldaso won first runner up among Deck Cadets and Mdmn. Raffy Doroteo won the first runner up among the engine cadets. Engineer Turbanos won the Most Outstanding Maritime Educator in Regional Level. The school sent 2/M Gilbert Juesna to represent the Visayas in the national search  and won as the Most Outstanding Maritime Educator in the Philippines. The German-supported, SMEDSEP(Small and Medium Enterprise Development for Sustainable Employment Program), for tourism-focused training programs and business services was launched, with VMA as one of the training providers.

      In 2006, Visayan Maritime Academy changed its name to VMA Global College, per SEC approval, because of the non-maritime courses it offers.

VMA and its training Center  Managements  systems have complied with the Rules for Maritime Academies during the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) implementation audit.

      On February 25, 2006, CHED Commission en banc approved VMA’s accreditation for CHED Bridging Program.

       On March 23, 2006, VMA was accredited by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). On April 1, 2006, Dream Search International, inc., (DSII) accredited VMAA as provider / Implementer of Student Cultural Exchange and Travel (SCET) program in United States of America. Mr. Jerry Gariando, Jr., and Ms. Remedios Johanna Orol Salabas joined in the SCET program for summer job in

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