The Visayan Maritime Academy was founded by former Ambassador Roberto S. Benedicto in 1974, the only school in the Visayas with its own shipping company and eventually became one of the TOP 10 MARITIME SCHOOLS in the country. Its program offering was limited to Associate in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering. The Academy temporarily ceased operations in 1985-86 and re-opened in 1987 under the management of Asian Mari-Tech Development Corporation (AMTDC).

      In June 1988, VMA was included in the TOP 10 (TEN) SCHOOLS offering maritime education per results of survey conducted by  the Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions  (PAMI) in cooperation with the Department of Education,   Culture and Sports (DECS) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

     Since then, the Board of Trustees has endeavored to meet the IMO standards through the requirements imposed by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) for the school and the Maritime Training Council (MTC) and the Maritime Industry Authority for the training center.

A dream comes true.This is how Atty. Juan N. Orola Jr., VMA Global College President described the newly commissioned full mission simulator MV VMA during the inauguration and launching, Last June 28, 2013. "For a long time, it is our dream to have the simulator which is a requirement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED)", said Atty. Orola in his welcome address. "This will not only serve as an educational affair but a center for educational tour", he added. According to 2/M Vitaliano C. Carmelo, the POSEIDON simulator complies with the Standard Training Certificate for Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010 Manila amended, which is suitable for maritime training in maneuvering conditions, different geographical areas, other stations and situations in reality of vessel navigation for prevention of collision.The simulator facilities include engine room simulator, engine allied equipment room, GMDSS, instructor's station and RADAR/ARPA student station for the safety of navigation to assess command and decision making.

Job Opening


HRM Graduates with COmplete requirements/Credentials MARLOW NAVIGATION CO. Examination in Iloilo ASAp.

Inquire @ the VMA Placement Look for Mrs. Maggie Candelario.

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Scholarships Available


Scholarship's Available:

New Students: General Average of 88%

Old Students: General Average of 85%

Hurry Avail Now. Limited Slots only. Inquire @ the VMA Scholarship Office

Look for Mrs. Maggie Candelario

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VMA Global College: The Untold History


A “No ticket, no entry”  sour incident paved the way for VMA Global
           College to now reap the sweet fruit of success.

     It  was probably  meant as a joke or perhaps a wishful thinking said aloud  when Atty. John N. Orola, Jr., a small guy with sky-rocketing ambitions  firmly rooted on the ground, muttered  “Pila ka adlaw baklon ko guid ning VMA.” (One of these days I am going to buy this VMA.) That joke became a Vision, a Mission and an Action that now  brings VMA Global College to the world  community.

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